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Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Together with the parent bank, the Bank offers a wide range of debt financing services to its clients:

  • Issuance of corporate bonds;
  • Issuance of stock bonds;
  • Issuance of bank bonds;
  • Issuance of CLN/LPN Eurobonds denominated in EURO or a foreign currency (including Russian rouble).

With its extensive expertise in preparing and placing various debt instruments, the Bank offers issuers the best solutions for structuring debt issue:

  • Nominal issue amount/issuance program;
  • Maturity of debt instruments;
  • Coupon period;
  • Coupon type (fixed, variable);
  • Put and call options;
  • Sinking fund.

Such services will help issuers to reach broader investor base and to further reduce costs of borrowing.