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PSD2@GPBL API Test Portal

To be able to go live with Bank GPB International S.A. (GPBL) PSD2 APIs, here are the five steps you need to take. It's free to join!

Step 1Register in the GPBL PSD2 API Test Portal if you haven’t done it already. Please note that the GPBL PSD2 API Test Portal is provided by our service provider Avaloq Sourcing Switzerland & Liechtenstein (ASSL) within the Test domain

Step 2: Log into the GPBL PSD2 API Test Portal. Go through the "Documents" section (you will be able to access the documentation once you log into the GPBL PSD2 API Test Portal). Build and run your application in the Sandbox environment.

Step 3: Make sure you have the required local license to act as

  • Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP);
  • Account Information Service Provider (AISP).

Step 4:

Once you have completed the steps above, log into the GPBL PSD2 API Test Portal and go to the "API" section to get access to the APIs.

Step 5:

Raise any Customer support requests you may have by going to the "Customer support" section and "Submit a Request".

Remote support


What is Bomgar?

"Bomgar" is a web application that establishes a direct connection between your computer and the Bank GPB International S.A Helpdesk.

How do I proceed?

You will need to download a certified application, which you must run without saving or installing on your PC.

What are the risks of using the Bomgar application?

Bomgar products are secured using encryption technology. As access is restricted to viewing only, no application can be installed on your PC.

Bank GPB International S.A Helpdesk can only view your screen with your express authorisation. Each Bomgar session must be authorised each time the other party wishes to access your PC. You may interrupt or end the Bomgar session at any time. As access to your PC is restricted to viewing only, Bank GPB International S.A Helpdesk  cannot conduct any operations (such as transactions) via this application.

I hereby confirm that I have read the above explanations and that Bank GPB International S.A Helpdesk has provided all information regarding the Bomgar application. I understand how this application works and wish to use it. I accordingly authorise the Bank GPB International S.A Helpdesk to view my computer screen.

I hereby represent that I am aware of the inherent risks of this application and expressly authorise the Bank GPB International S.A Helpdesk to view the information on my screen during the Bomgar session. 

I hereby discharge Bank GPB International S.A of all consequences that may arise from the use of Bomgar. Consequently, Bank GPB International S.A specifically shall not be held liable for any violation of its secrecy obligation through the use of Bomgar.

By clicking the "Accept" Button I acknowledge that i have read and accept the terms of the above conditions and wish to use the Bomgar application.