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A customized cash management and payment transactions solution allows companies to optimize their cash management in Luxembourg. The Bank offers flexible and transparent solutions to support companies’ worldwide business activities.

The Bank offers financial solutions tailored to companies’ investment and liquidity management requirements. The Bank advises companies on the most appropriate investment forms and terms.


Short-term investments

  • Current account
  • Short-term deposit

Mid-term investments

  • Rolling Fixed Term Deposit Account
  • Fixed Term Deposit
  • Fiduciary Fixed Term Deposit
  • Structured products

Long-term investments

  • Time deposit accounts
  • Strategy funds.


The Bank offers clients individualized, flexible solutions for interest rate optimization (e.g., cash pooling and multicurrency interest optimization).

In addition to the advantages offered by pooling (netting of debit and credit positions), we provide other attractive products to help you optimize interest on operating cash holdings across currencies and accounts. Our specialists are available to provide you with advice and support.

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